Stay Motivated for Triathlon Training

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Athletes in whatever sports they’re good at are well – respected. The motivation for triathlon trainings and the triathlons they had to go through every time are really rigid.

Training for a triathlon requires a potential to train three sports and they have master all these three in order for them to be successful. That being said, it requires great motivation, dedication and tremendous practice.

The Challenge – Keeping Yourself Motivated

How to maintain your triathlon motivationMotivation is that thought in your mind that stimulates you to act on a desired goal. Motivation may also be the reason or the purpose of your actions. In triathlon, motivation is one of the important aspects of your training to help you succeed in the sports. Depending on the triathlon distance you’re interested in, the training might be more or less challenging.

How do you keep yourself motivated on triathlon trainings? Of course, you cannot avoid the fact that there will be moments of your training that you’ll feel low. In as much as you wanted to cross the finish line, there will always be days that you will find yourself too tired to prepare for it.

Now, if you’re a potential triathlete and that you’re trying to prepare yourself for the race, here are some good tips to help you in keeping yourself motivated during the course of your training:

  1. Set your goals and write them down

set goals face them smash themIt’s a common cliché and almost everyone is setting their own sets of goals in the many aspects of their lives. In triathlon, remember why you’re doing it and what you want it to look and feel like when you finished the race.

Writing your goals and plan of action means you have to put everything in the right perspective. You must have already set plans on how you can achieve your goals and your expected difficulties along the way.

In setting goals and plan of action, don’t take it lightly. Ensure that you have a written and organized trainings log from the very beginning so you will know where to go and how to do it. Having a written goal will also give you something to compare to when you’re in the process of achieving your goal. It’s more like your tracker and as a triathlete, you have to have this.

  1. Sign up for a race before you start training

One good reason to keep yourself motivated is to sign up for a triathlon event first before you even begin your triathlon training. Why? Because you’ll likely quit your training should the phases tend to be more rigid without any commitment or meeting a specific deadline. It’s even more fun if you sign up with your friends, as well.

  1. Train with a friend

Find a friend or someone you are close to who also share the same passion to finish a triathlon. Training will be a lot easier and fun as you both will hold yourselves accountable to each other. It’s like watching each other’s back. Join a triathlon club to make yourself going.

  1. Do other sports as well

Surfing in HawaiiAlthough your main focus is on the three elements of triathlon, don’t forget to try other sports as well. Rather than simply training on the core elements triathletes must find a leeway to distress. Do some individual sports or team sports. All these will not only help you sane while preparing for that big day but will also prepare you for longer endurance and strong motivation to continue your training. For instance you can think of playing baseball or football to train your leg muscles, or water sports like surfing, SUP-boarding or kayaking. Actually from every endurance sport you’ll benefit in the long run.

  1. Reward yourself

Once in a while splurge into something rewarding for you. What do you want to do during your free time? You really don’t have to deprive yourself of some guilty pleasures while on the process of training. Work has day offs, so does your training. On a non-training day in summer I like to go paddle boarding (find a great inflatable SUP here) and in winter I love to go skiing or ski-touring.

  1. Have a role model

When setting goals or keeping yourself motivated, you must have someone you look up to as your role model. By doing so, you have sort of set certain standards as to how achieve that person has achieved.

  1. Research on the sports you’re into

As an athlete, you must be independent not on how you fair with your performance on track but also on the knowledge you have about the sports. Research more about triathlon, its origins, the names catapulted in this type of sports and their biographies.

Also, having a wide knowledge about the sports will help you put together good strategies for your training program. If you don’t have knowledge about it, you won’t be able to develop a good program. Do consult professional help as well.

  1. Take care of yourself

You’re a triathlete and that simply means that you push yourself way beyond our limits. When you do, make sure you’re healthy enough to cope with physical and mental stress. During your training, don’t forget to hydrate and eat right. You can always have a bit of sweetness even while on your training but just know the limit.

If you’re not feeling well, don’t push harder. That’s not tantamount to pushing to the limit. Take it slow and give your body time to recover. Remember that you have to have a healthy body while on the competition so take good care of it.

  1. Change places

swim training in poolSometimes, motivating yourself means being to other places and find focus in there. Once in a while, find some other places to train. If you’ve been training in swimming pools try on the open water sometimes. Go biking on a new place or track a new terrain. The world has plenty of beautiful places to practice. Be motivated by its beauty.

  1. Believe in yourself

Wrapping up the list, to stay motivated you have to believe that you can muster triathlon. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Keep the faith that you can surpass long kilometres of sprint while running, biking or swimming with repetitions. This will help you keep going despite feeling low at times. A person who’s not confident in everything that he does and his abilities will definitely reflect on his actions and his words.

And A Few More Thoughts…

Mistaken belief on how much training you need in preparation for triathlon

Triathlon has been a sport for many years now and over those times many information have been made, formulas created, training plans formulated.

However, as a trainee you must remember that you are an individual and there’s not a single plan that will work well to all those who try to emulate it. You have your set of skills and certain physical level for every core element of the sport.

Unfortunately, many triathlon trainees have fallen into such formulations that make train harder than what is really necessary which makes the training more unbearable than motivating.

The training is supposed to be a guide

When you device a training program it’s important that you keep in mind that it’s okay to really not follow the program as it is. Unfortunately, there are many triathletes who try their best to religiously follow the regimen which in the long run will bring in disaster.

Sticking to it really hard might bring in disappointments on your part especially if you’re unable to achieve them, it might also injure you and ultimately, decreases your motivation to perform and carry on.

Soon enough you’ll realize that you’re training too hard when you should be resting. Your bodies will ache and if you’ll train again you find yourself still short.

There’s nothing wrong if you have to rest

Most triathletes do more training than they should because they feel that if they’ll rest someone else is training hard; hence, a big chance of beating them.

On the contrary, your endurance and conditioning doesn’t come off from your system that easy. There’s nothing wrong if you want to take some time off even if it’s not part of the schedule on a week of training; nothing wrong if you have more rest days than training days; nothing wrong if you choose to rest for a week and do absolutely nothing that relates to swimming, biking and running.

Don’t push yourself too hard on trying to perform all the workouts because you’re into disappointments and total burnout. Condition your mind that deviating from your training and rest when you need it is also an essential part of your preparation for the big event.

Look at the brighter side

Always have the positive attitude about your training program. Positivity will go a long way to keep you motivated and committed towards your end goal. If you have such mindset, training will more like a chore for you rather than something you are compelled to do making it more of an enjoyable experience.

Always look at the big picture – your end goal. The road getting there may really be too hard that at times you want to give up. Patience and stay positive will help you keep motivated. If you stay that way, the results will really be satisfying.

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