Top Five Do’s and Don’ts for Your Triathlon Training Log

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Triathlon season is approaching very fast and this is the perfect time for training properly. Have you already started practicing and planning for the upcoming season? If you haven’t done so, please check out the following top five do’s and don’ts for your triathlon training log.

Training properly for triathlon is always challenging. You’ve got to put a lot of concentration and suffer hardship for glory. Besides, you’ve to set your goal first for that certain season. However, to achieve that success, you need to follow some rules and regulation on your own triathlon training log about which we are going to discuss here in short.

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If you are a beginner on this sport, the training log might be an unusual term for you. Most of the triathletes keep note of their whole training process. This log can be an old scrap book or small note book or any sticky note in your computer. No matter how you maintain your triathlon training log, you must be conscious about the following crucial do’s and don’ts for your triathlon preparation.

  • Always keep record in a logbook.  If you don’t care about keeping record or live free type person, you too have to maintain a daybook or apply some method to record for your daily training session. Suppose you get sick and can’t train for two or three weeks. If you keep a log, you won’t have to start from the very beginning after recovery. In short, you’re not a superhuman to keep record of various weeks of cycling, swimming, running, nutrition, cross-training in your memory.
  • In training period, nutrition is one of the most vital subjects. You must record your diet history. By taking a comparison with an ideal diet chart for training session, you can monitor your overall consumption. Because, insufficient about of diet make you suffer from overtraining. And too much nutrition can make your process slow. So, to get the best result from your own muscles and body, proper amount of diet is really needed. That’s why, keep record your diet in a scrapbook.
  • Try not to be immutable. For earning the best benefit from your training log, you have to be flexible with your training schedule. Therefore, continuous training process can make your exhausted. So, never fear to break that up. Life needs some changes and sometimes, those changes can make life better. If your family is planning for a week holidays or your friends are asking for long drive or fun bike ride, you should not miss that. Trust me, little break can make your training more enjoyable and interesting as well.
  • Don’t lose your old logbooks. Who knows your friend or little brother someday asks you for that. Imagine how helpful it would be for them. He or she will be so grateful to you.
  • Include everything during that training session. Don’t skip your stress level, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, daily weight and so on. All these records will surely keep you motivated, when your progress would be significantly noticeable. Nevertheless, you can take care of everything happening while your training period is ongoing.

By following those do’s and don’ts, you can make sure of your better performance in the season. Most of all, always trust your ability and never lose hope in any situation. That should be your motto.

Take care.

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