Best Compression Shorts For Running

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Compression shorts provide a lot of benefits to its users. One, it helps with keeping your leg muscles intact when performing various legwork, whether it be an extensive running or a leg workout. This increases your protection from painful muscle tears and other possible leg injuries such as cramps and strains. Another important reason to use compression shorts for running is that (for men) the groin parts won’t move that much which might otherwise feel uncomfortable while running.

There are even brands of these running shorts that provide therapeutic heating and wicking technologies to promote blood circulation and prevent moisture build-up, respectively. However, in order to actually benefit from your compression shorts, it needs to be the right fit. Otherwise, if it’s too tight, your movement and circulation will be impeded, and if it’s too loose, the compression won’t be optimal.

Nevertheless, listed below are the 10 best compression shorts, so it’ll be easier for you to find the one that will match your running needs.

These Nike compression shorts are the perfect companion for runners and other athletes. It has a lightweight build with a lock-in feel, which maximizes your movement while also providing optimal pressure application. Furthermore, this Pro Combat shorts by Nike also has an elastic waist, which feels gentle to your skin and won’t leave any mark upon removal.

For ventilation, this item is designed with mesh panels using Dri-FIT fabric in order to keep your sweat-prone areas (i.e. groin) free from moisture, which in turn prevents pooling of itch-causing microbes. Nike’s Pro Combat compression shorts is also stitched with a flat seam, ensuring that you experience no chaffing that could potentially lead to bad skin irritations.

This item’s 90% polyester and 10% spandex construction also makes for a nice combination of elasticity and durability, which simply equates to guaranteed quality. Available sizes include S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Composed of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, this compression shorts strikes a good balance between fit flexibility and strength. It’s also engineered with PWX FLEX fabric, which targets the muscles that are most vital to your running performance. Furthermore, this product is constructed with a medical circular 70 denier knit, which yields a 360° compression level, resulting in equal pressure distribution.

Muscle containment is also another big advantage of this specific item. Such feature allows your muscles to receive less vibration and oscillation, thus increasing muscle strength, while alleviating muscle strain as well.

2XU’s compression technology also optimizes heat retention and therapeutic pressure application, which results in quicker warm ups and improved circulation. This allows for more oxygenation to your target muscles, therefore promoting better tissue repair and inflammation control.

These Hyoptik compression shorts is another one of 2XU’s innovative creation. It still comes with a PWX FLEX 70D compression fabric construction that provides unrivaled comfort to your muscles. Moreover, its Invista Lycra material enables the shorts to deliver the ideal fit and reinforcement.

This product is also designed with high filament yarns that wick your sweat to the exterior of the garment, thus eliminating any dampness on your skin. The waist area of the shorts also integrates a drawstring, letting you adjust the fit according to your liking.

You can recognize the 2XU Hyoptik running compression shorts by is its hyoptik reflective logo, hence the name. Such addition allows you to be easily seen under low lighting conditions, keeping you safe even during night runs.

The Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool LTD triathlon shorts are constructed with an overlock stitching, which leads to a comfortable next-to-skin fit. The Elite In-R-Cool LTD tri shorts is also supplied with an adjustable drawcord, giving you the liberty to tighten and loosen the fit according to your needs.

Furthermore, the Elite transfer in-r-cool® fabric that these Pearl Izumi shorts are made of is finished with coldblack® technology, giving it that reflective protection from UV rays. So, whether you layer this item with another garment, or just put it on by itself, you’re still guaranteed ample shielding against the sun.

In terms of keeping you dry, this gear has TRI quick-dry chamois to do so. Plus, you get to stand out from the crowd with the short’s distinct sublimated graphics.

The McDavid 8200 Cross is paired with a hip spica, which adds further fortification to your muscles, particularly the hip flexors. This compression shorts also functions similar to the basic tape-wrapping method that professional trainers use, which is intended for improving hamstring and quad stabilization.

Aside from maintaining sufficient support, McDavid’s cross compression technology also promotes blood circulation via therapeutic heat. This ensures that your strained muscles are receiving plenty of oxygen, allowing them to heal faster.

This garment also comes with a unique 6-thread flat-lock technology that enhances the seams and minimizes the likelihood of chafing. For ventilation and moisture control, McDavid has integrated a unique hDc moisture management technology for such purposes. 

These compression shorts are quite unique, in a sense that it has two different construction build, specifically for its front panels and side panels. The former is made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, while the latter on the other hand is composed of 76% nylon and 24% spandex.

Such build setup allows this apparel to target specific muscles more effectively, based on their respective compression requirement. This is also precisely why Skinstri400 men’s compression shorts can work so well with sports like triathlons since it can adapt to different muscle requirements of each involved race other than running, which includes swimming and cycling.

Apart from its well-kept seams, this product also offers anti-friction carbon panels, located in the inner thigh areas, to prevent chaffing and skin reactions. 

The TYR Sport Competitor 9-inch tri compression shorts are great compression shorts for triathletes. It is also engineered with graduated compression for that comfortable and secure fit. With that said, the competitor 9-inch tri compression shorts also comes with a drawcord on its elastic waist, giving you the flexibility to adjust the fit.

You also won’t have to concern yourself with any chaffing since this model can protect your skin with its silicone beaded leg grippers. Furthermore, this shorts’ unique AMP pad will keep your muscles cool and your movement unrestrained, whether you’re on the run or pedaling on a bike. 

The Under Armour Launch Run compression shorts utilizes the 4-way stretch fabrication technique. Such elasticity allows the shorts to conform to your muscles’ natural contours, thus augmenting mobility control in whichever direction.

This specific Under Armour model is also made from 7.0 oz. polyester and elastane, and is put together with an inseam of 10”, which combines into one highly stretchable and durable shorts. Another benefit of such seam stitching is the prevention of chaffing.

Reflective logos are also plastered on this specific compression shorts, which notifies other people of your presence whenever you venture into darker environments. For added utility, you can take advantage of its zippered back pocket for extra storage, after you’ve finished your run.


This item has an ultra-tight compression level that feels like a second skin. As long as you choose within your appropriate size range, this garment will provide with a fit that is both gentle and firm. Speaking of gentle, this product is made from smooth fabric, so expect great comfort in wearing it.

Under Armour has also included a 4-way stretch fabrication in this particular apparel, allowing it to accommodate your every move and increase mobility, all while maintaining optimal shape and compression. The HeatGear Sonic also features the brand’s signature moisture transport system, which helps wick away sweat, thus preventing any moisture build-up.

Another useful feature in this compression short is the anti-odor technology, which works for hand in hand with the moisture transport system in minimizing odor-causing bacteria. Plus, with the smooth flatlock seams, chaffing is abated.

Just like with theTYR Sport Competitor, the One Tri shorts also use a graduated compression technique. This benefits you in three ways. One, it optimizes the fit of the garment. Two, it improves your blood circulation, allowing your muscles and other involved tissues to continue receiving generous amounts of new oxygen, while preventing carbon dioxide retention, thus minimizing the amount of pain-causing lactic acids left in your abused muscles.

The third benefit is more of a collective advantage brought by the two aforementioned ones since you’re enabled to perform to your fullest without worries of pain or any loose fits. Speaking of fit, this compression shorts is also fitted with silicone leg grippers, which keeps it firmly in place.

Get the most out of your run with the right triathlon gear. These compression shorts will keep you comfortable, protected, and even stylish. Don’t forget to pay enough attention to the right pair of running shoes (different models for men and women). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other international Amazon websites.

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