What To Wear Under Your Tri Suit

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On most triathlon forums and sports gear shops, the items that you can or cannot wear under your tri suit is always a subject of discussion. To wear anything under a comfortably tight swath of stretchy material feels odd for many beginner triathletes.

The swimming section of a triathlon always happen in places like a lake or the sea and the sport rules assert that racers should be dressed in a wet suit under particular conditions, and this is to protect the athlete from the cold temperature of the water. Competitors who take part in such events wear clothing under their ‘suits in order to make their transitions from one portion to another, faster.

Why Wear a Tri Suit?

The Human Race triathlon transition swimming to cyclingA lot of triathletes who are serious in their game own a number of suits that are particularly designed to wear for an event. Tri suits are designed from lightweight material to avoid drag. There is a variety in terms of designs; there are full-body suits which can cover your entire body and there are suits with short arms and legs while some are sold as separates.

Majority of suits are made from quick-drying fabrics and also contain anti-chafing properties to keep athletes comfortable during the race. Several tri suits also come with extra features like breathable fabrics, zippers, built-in bras for the ladies for additional support, ventilation, sun protection and side or back pockets.

triathlon transition to runningCompeting in one-piece garb can be convenient since you are only wearing one item of clothing but it also has its downside; it can be a bit troublesome getting out of a one-piece if you want to use the restroom, especially on a longer competition with time constraints. Thus, one-piece suits are more recommended for events with shorter distances.

The best kind are built with purposefully-located compression surrounding the core and the hips. This added compression provides support and engages that core, which in turn expands hip drive and minimizes fatigue especially during the swimming portion of the race.

Superior suits also include wicking features, which removes moisture away from your skin and lets excess moisture disappear, keeping you high and dry. This feature minimizes that extraneous cling-wrap feeling and eases free movement.

Investing in suits with prime-quality materials is ideal. That spandex number may be affordable, but those with first-rate materials will hold their form better over time and give the wearer its benefits for a longer time period.

The Recommended and (Not-So) Recommended Wear

For the men:

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If you are engaged in a competition, do wear something that fits you snugly yet comfortably to avoid hauling plenty of water. Make sure that the triathlon suit will not mess up your limbs’ movements or take away circulation since swimming in an ill-fitting suit which can leave red marks on your skin and prevent certain movements is a recipe for disaster.

A triathlon suit with padding for your buttocks will also benefit you during the bike cycle of the race.

Going commando is the best way to go. Wearing underwear is not recommended for it will not dry as quickly especially if you are in race and it will also cause unneeded rubbing, which can cause discomfort.

To make you a lot more comfortable with the thought of going underwear-less, choose suits in dark colors so it won’t give away anything that you don’t want the general public to see.

For the ladies:

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Tri suits for women are specifically-designed to suit the female form and they come in a variety of sizes. For ladies with a bigger bust, go for suits with added support. In addition, if there are no suits available with that extra support feature and you cannot bear the thought of competing without support around the chest area, opt for a quick-drying sports bra under the suit.

Try to find a particular sports bra that constricts your bust but is comfortable at the same time and won’t stick out under the suit. The bra should be the right size so it can provide that much-needed support too, especially during the running section of the triathlon.

Do not wear any underwear for it defeats the purpose of wearing a tri suit, but if you must, avoid cotton and consider wearing one of those wicking types. Several female racers wear thongs, but some are not into it because it can cause chafing.

Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm ideal for triathlonsBodyglide: One Extra Tip!

Think about shaving your body hair and applying a type of lubricant like the Bodyglide. Shaving can minimize friction while Bodyglide has a slippery feel to it that will help you to transition faster and your suit slide and conform better with your body. The lube will also help prevent chafing, especially around easily affected areas like the shoulders, around the armpits and the groin.

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