8 Best triathlon wetsuits reviews

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If you are not interested about wearing shorts in triathlon completion, then triathlon wetsuits will be the best option left for you. This wetsuits are comfortable, durable and waterproof which will allow you to swim, bike and run without having any external problem like discomfort at all. Triathlon wetsuits are not similar like the scuba diving or normal swimming suit. As you have to perform three different games frequently, these suits have to be built specially for the whole event. Moreover, when you are determined to purchase a good quality wetsuit for the next season, please attach the word “triathlon” before wetsuit, which will be understandable for the retailers or salesmen.

Now, where would you find this kind of triathlon wetsuits? You can get them from your nearby sports store if you’re lucky that your sport shop is specialized in triathlon gear. However, make sure you buy the best one you can afford and for that you have to have some ideas about best triathlon features and specialties. We won’t fill out this page by describing any types of buying guide rather than offering you he best triathlon wetsuits along with their reviews. Go through the following lines and read the reviews of best triathlon wetsuits so far. For women wetsuits, check the special women’s wetsuit page.

TYR Sport Men’s Category 1 Hurricane Wetsuit 

Every Hurricane starts out as a Category 1, but some have the potential to get a whole lot more powerful. TRY teamed up with Andy Potts to design a streamlined version of the more advanced Hurricane Series Wetsuits and incorporated some of the highlights of their higher level suits to create the Women’s Category 1 Wetsuit, a triathlon suit that maximizes performance and minimizes cost.

Product details452165

  • Color: Black, Black/Gray
  • Free R.O.M. zones
  • Eliminate restriction in the shoulders & back
  • Fitting wrist cuffs keep water from entering the suit
  • Quick release ankle cuffs
  • Allows the triathlete to remove the suit effortlessly in T1
  • Speed Wrap Paneling
  • Raise the swimmer in the water to reduce form drag

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O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor 3/2mm Full Suit 

O’Neill’s Reactor Series wetsuits utilize the company’s proprietary FluidFlex design in the shoulder and sleeves for improved range of motion, a fully adjustable Superseal neck for long-lasting comfort, and Krypto Knee Padz to protect your knees and extend the life of the suit.

Product details14582

  • Color: Black, Black Blue, Black Red
  • Reactor Series wetsuits
  • FluidFlex design
  • Improved range of motion
  • Single Superseal neck is fully adjustable closure
  • Features 360-degree smooth skin interior
  • Chafe-free unfinished edge
  • Abrasion-resistant, high-stretch Krypto Knee Padz
  • Ergonomic, seamless under-sleeve panel
  • Allows for unrestricted motion and eliminates rashes
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Neo Sport Podium Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit 

The Neo Sport Podium Triathlon wetsuit offers unmatched value in the Triathlon wetsuit category. Made exclusively for Amazon by Neo Sport. Neo Sport has been manufacturing Triathlon wetsuits since 1990 and is part of the Henderson Sport group.

Product details15487

  • Color: Black, Gray
  • Designed with 5/3mm ultra-light Neoprene
  • Mid-calf leg openings increase kick efficiency
  • The wider and more generous lower leg opening
  • Eliminates heel snag
  • Soft and ultra-comfortable adjustable neck
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

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NeoSport Wetsuits Triathlon 5/3 Sleeveless John

The SPRINT Jane features exclusive Speed Skin neoprene combined with Ultra Soft Coated Skin neoprene to provide unmatched buoyancy, flexibility and comfort. 5mm Speed Skin neoprene on the chest panel allows for ideal positioning in the water with less surface resistance.

NeoSport Men's John 5/3mm Triathlon WetsuitProduct details

  • Color: Black, Black/Yellow
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Extra-thick
  • Speed Skin neoprene for slick, hydrodynamic exterior
  • Ultra Soft Coated Skin material for flexibility, comfort, and buoyancy
  • Five-millimeter neoprene on chest panel
  • Three-millimeter back panel permits optimum range of motion
  • Articulated arm openings enhance swimming efficiency
  • Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit 

The SELECT Tri Suit features SELECT Transfer fabric and delivers value, fit and durability for all levels of triathletes. The SELECT Tri Suit is equally at home for both short and long course events. SELECT Transfer fabric sets the benchmark for compression, moisture transfer and chlorine resistance.

Product details4221556

  • Color: Black/Electric Blue, Black/White, Black/True Red
  • Material: Elastane
  • 88% Nylon and 12% Elastane, UPF 50+
  • Direct-vent panels
  • Provides superior ventilation and flat lock seams
  • 12-Inch zipper for venting
  • Plush elastic silicone leg gripper
  • Reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • One easy access envelope pocket
  • Tri quick-dry chamois

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O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor 2mm Short Sleeve Spring 

O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor is one of the best-selling triathlon wetsuits for the competitor which comes with 2 mm short sleeve to provide breathability in spring season. Check out its details.

Product details5462135

  • Color: Black, Black/Pacific/Graph, Black/Pacific/Graphtron
  • Flat stitched construction spring suit
  • Fluid flex top sleeve and under arm
  • Single super seal neck
  • Smooth skin chest panel
  • YKK back zip

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NeoSport Wetsuits Men’s Premium Neoprene 3mm Shorty 

One of NeoSport‘s bestselling wetsuits, the 3mm Shorty is a versatile, all-around warm water wetsuit. It provides core warmth without overheating, making it ideal for snorkeling, diving, surfing, paddle sports, personal watercraft, tubing, and other water sports.

Product details63295

  • Color: Black, Blue Trim
  • Versatile wetsuit
  • All-around warm water wetsuit
  • One of NeoSport’s bestselling models
  • Provides core warmth without overheating
  • Back-zip design provides comfortable, non-confining stretch fit
  • Flat lock seam construction
  • Highly durable and helps prevent chafing
  • Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

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All of these triathlon wetsuits are so far the best in the market. All of them are enlisted based on the products quality, material, prize and customer reviews. If you want to buy any triathlon wetsuit from the top list, go through Amazon.com and purchase your desired wetsuit.

Take care and good luck with (training for) your triathlon!


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