Triathlon Swimming – 5 Keys to Improve Your Triathlon Swim Stroke

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Swimming is basically considered as hardest of all the triathlon disciplines to master for many of the triathletes. Most likely the largest reason is that swimming is that the most technique dependent discipline of triathlon.  If you only jump in a very pool and begin flailing around you not only will not improve, however, you will really groove a foul stroke and build it even tougher to coach yourself correct type. Regular swim stroke analysis is important if you’re attending to groove a decent, consistent race stroke.

Here are five keys I exploit to judge the swim stroke of the triathletes.

Hand entry 

If your head is at 12 o’clock, your hands ought to enter the pool at one and eleven. This helps forestall cross over that essentially causes you to swim sort of a snake back and forth through the water. You lose plenty of energy perpetually attempting to stay going straight. This conjointly prevents over-rotation of the shoulder and hips, which may conjointly enhance power from your stroke.

Hand glides position 

This is wherever you begin your pull. You would like to form positive your hand reaches to the pool wall and glides for a flash at head depth before you begin your pull. This enables you to get all bit of forward momentum before beginning your pull and enables you to get some glide time for 1 second or 2 on every stroke – that means you’re contemporary once you get out of the water.


You want your kick to be economical and you would like to conserve energy here for the coming bike and run. Your legs ought to be straight behind your body with no bend at the hip – not stiff, however, conjointly not too loose. Your kick ought to begin at your hips. I favor to fake that I’m carrying flippers whereas kicking.

Level in water 

You want your head, shoulders, hips and legs to be in line and at constant level below the water. Watch to form positive your hips and legs do not sink below the extent of your arms, head and body.

Hand exiting the water

Ensure your hands exit the water at all-time low of the hip – not at the waist. This will give you an extra boost at the end of your stroke and again get the most forward momentum off of each stroke. I notice that amateurs begin pull their gift early once they begin to urge tired.

A heap of time it is higher to see this in action to very get an image of it in your mind. That’s a decent way to implement the keys. You can use these same five keys to judge your own stroke as you swim. Attempt swimming many readying laps at the start of every triathlon swimming physical exercise that specialize in only one key at a time. If you’ve got an admirer who will assist you videotape your stroke you’ll conjointly assess your stroke that means -it’s very useful to visualize yourself swim and you will see massive enhancements if you create stroke analysis a neighborhood of your swim coaching.

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