Best Reflective Running Vests And Gears For Your Safety

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Besides that running the marathon or half a marathon is a part of your triathlon, running is a great way to live a healthier life. However, not everyone can do the usual daylight runs, which is probably due to a conflict in their daily work schedules. This is why most of these busy people run during dawn, dusk or night.

Although runs during the day are fairly safe, requiring only basic caution, running in darker environments on the other hand will put you at risk of more dangers. Especially in the winter period, you should be careful running in areas that are not lid by streetlights. This is where reflective running vests and gears come in to play.

Best Reflective Running Vest And Gears

Now that we got the basics out of the way, it is time to present three notable examples of this type of safety running gear. Each product listed below are a mix between reflective clothing and wearable gears, and are also not listed in any particular order or rank.

Freemove Reflective Vest for Running and CyclingThis product from Freemove is a great all-in-one package for those who do walking or running activities during the dark. It comes with 1 high visibility jacket, a pair of reflective band, and 1 piece of mesh bag for stowing accessories.

It also comes in different sizes, from extra-small, small, medium, large, to extra large, and double extra large. But, you can still adjust each one via Velcro strap. The vest itself can provide a 360° reflection with a 750-ft. visibility, ensuring that you are seen from every angle and from afar.

The vest is also breathable and lightweight, leaving you safely unburdened during runs. You can even use it for other outdoor activities, such as walking your dog and cycling. Moreover, it has pockets where you can store your personal effects.


Freemove Reflective Vest for Running and Cycling - Safety first

Tracer360 Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling with Multicolored LED Fiber Optic - all colors includedUnlike the first entry, this one is not exactly a full vest, but it is still worn over your running clothes. However, the biggest difference between the two is that this one uses LED lights instead of just the basic reflective panels. You can even select from 6 vibrant colors.

This product has a main light compartment at the back, and is supported by LED straps that form an X shape when donned over your body. This way, both your back and front are fully visible. One of the best advantages of this LED vest over the regular one is that your visibility will not rely on headlights, therefore drivers can readily see you.


Tracer360 Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest running cycling - rainproof light 40hrs battery

Bseen LED Running Cycling Armband - 2 pcsIf your nightly running route is already somewhat safe and far from traffic, then this LED band might be more practical. With this product, you get two highly-bright LED bands to keep you detectable.

These bands are also adjustable, so you can wear them either on your arm, wrist, or ankle, to great effects. Additionally, you can get up to 50-70 hours of battery life from each band, depending on the capacity of the replaceable battery you used.

Safety first, always. And that means wearing reflective clothing when you go out jogging, running or biking, even when walking your dogs. When you have to pass through a road and it’s dark, it’s very important that you put on a reflective vest or any other similar safety gear to warn motorists and even other pedestrians that you are out there.


Bseen LED Running Armband - different colors


Types Of Reflective Clothing And Gears

Like mentioned above, these items come in varying forms.

  • Reflective Vest

This is quite common for night runners, and is also the most accessible and affordable way to enhance your visibility in the dark. This type of reflective apparel can also be worn over any running clothes and will usually have Velcro straps for easy adjustment, therefore you can have both safety and comfort at your side. 

In terms of reflectivity, this type mostly uses retro-reflective panels to bounce back light from difference sources, such as headlights, regardless of angle.

  • Reflective clothing

Unlike the vest, this variety has reflective properties on the apparel itself, so there is no need for you to wear extra clothing accessories. 

Each brand uses its own unique reflective technologies, but all of them tends to get the job done. There are also different types of clothing available for this sort, from jackets, to shirts, and even hoodies, thus you can choose according to your needs.

  • Reflective Band

Just from the name itself, reflective bands wrap around a body part, usually your extremities, and will provide light to make your presence known. Two of the most common examples of this product are ones that can be worn on your arm or wrist, but ankle bands also exists. As for the light source, this tool typically uses LED for luminosity.

What are reflective running vests and gears?

To put it simply, reflective running vest and gears are wearable items that will make your presence more conspicuous in darker surroundings. They can come in a variety of different forms, from wrist and arm bands, to jackets and shirts, and even shoes. Furthermore, the reflective source can also vary from either bright lights, to high visibility materials that shine when light is directed at them, among others.

What is the importance of reflective running vest and gears?

The main purpose of these items is to keep you safe, particularly during running routines at night, or just about any place where visibility is low. When you run at night, you will be responsible not only for your own security, but also for other pedestrians and drivers. Plus, running in the dark without at least one of these gears is just negligence, which can only lead to accidents, regardless of how safe you think your route is.

Who should wear these reflective equipment?

Based on all the aforementioned information, you can already tell that these clothing and gears are intended for those that run during the dark. However, the ‘dark’ in this discussion does not only refer to the night of the day. You see, dawn and dusk are also quite low in visibility, so if you do most of your runs on either of these three timeframes, then it is highly recommended you get your own set of reflective gears. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other international Amazon websites.

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