US Triathlons 2016

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A triathlete’s physical life is not a cakewalk; individuals who often participate in this kind of sports event usually undergo arduous training in order to prepare themselves physically and mentally before the race. Triathletes face long stretches of swimming, running and biking before reaching the finish line.

However, apart from all of the hard physical activity each triathlete must confront, he or she has to deal with the logistics as well. Towing your gear plus creating a plan for every transition spot is a challenge a triathlete must face as well. Thus, this article will discuss the best triathlon events on choice areas around the US to make all that planning and traveling easier for you.

  1. Ironman Florida November 2016 Triathlon eventIRONMAN Florida

The IRONMAN Florida race begins every November and happens in Panama City Beach, an area in the States which is popular for its immaculate beaches and temperate autumn temperatures. Because of its sound, consistent weather, the place is an ideal vacation destination as well as a perfect location for an IRONMAN event.

The swimming segment of the event happens in the Gulf of Mexico. Participants get to have a brief beach run in the middle of laps. The water’s temperature is usually in the mid-70s thus athletes are recommended to wear wetsuits.

The cycling segment is composed of two parts; the 10-mile biking stretch down the length of Front Beach Road then it segues into one single loop prior to going back to the T2.

  1. XTERRA Triathlon ChampionshipXTERRA Triathlon

The XTERRA race is a chain of cross-triathlon events which comprises activities like swimming, mountain biking and running. When it comes to cross-triathlons, XTERRA is always considered as the top choice among other related races.

The race started on Maui, Hawaii in 1996. It has two key divisions; the professional and the age-grouper divisions. In the former, participants vie for sponsorships and cash rewards while the latter feature athletes who still want to take part in the event but have no particular goals to turn into pros. Competitors gather points by contending in the points series so they can get into the Top 15 of any event they participate in.

  1. Wildflower Triathlon Festival event 2016Wildflower Triathlon Festival

Plenty of triathlon enthusiasts have fond memories of the Wildflower 2-day long triathlon event; it is a race and a party combined into one. Participants go camping in California’s back woods and enjoy live music prior and after the exciting event. The race is held at the Lake San Antonio Recreation Area and athletes will tough it out in three competitions namely the Long Course, Mountain Bike and the Olympic.

The Long Course is known for its grueling trails, with 60 percent of the segment done cross-country on Lake Antonio’s hiking tracks. The Mountain Bike competition meanwhile, is perfect for every triathlon beginner since it features a straightforward swimming segment. The running segment is done on trails to some extent while the biking segment is done off-road so make sure that you are ready for such feats.

The Olympic competition features a swimming event, a whopping 40K cycling course with a difficult climb at the Lynch Hill and a 10K running segment. But the exhaustion everyone feels after the event is quickly forgotten once they participate in the event’s Sports Expo; racers get to mingle and revel in the live music, amazing buffet, race clinics and booths showing the latest in athletic gear.

  1. bandits challenge triathlon event 2016The Bandits Challenge

Ever since its beginnings in the year 2000, the Bandits Challenge has been frequented by enthusiastic athletes from all over the US. The swimming segment is held on lakes around the NC area and participants often commented about the perfect weather and condition of the lakes.

The cycling event can be challenging; after the swim, athletes have to ascend to the top of the dam to get out of the park, and what comes next is a particularly steep climb. Around the 2 mile sign, participants will then face off with the largest ascent on the track. The ascent is not that steep but each and every racer have to climb beyond a mile.

The rest of the cycling segment is composed of a sequence of small hills and rollers. The majority of the course though is composed of even, flat roads.

Meanwhile, the running segment is composed of three highly-steep, though shorter climbs. Participants would have to face the same ascent coming from the transition zone upwards to the topmost part of the dam at the beginning of the cycling segment. But keep in mind that the ascent on the opposite side of the dam is the activity that athletes have to do two times on the two-loop running circuit.

  1. Lobsterman Triathlon and Aquabike event 2016Lobsterman Triathlon and Aquabike

If Florida has the IRONMAN event, then New England has its very own exciting Lobsterman Triathlon. The Lobsterman race is touted as one of the most well-known athletic destinations in the US and the competition is composed of a 1,500-meter ocean swim, a 40K cycling course and a 10K running course.

Even during its early days, the competition has drawn more than 800 racers from all parts of the States and was even given the title of Top Race in America by Inside Triathlon magazine.

One of the many great features of the event was its impressive location; the race is held on the coasts of Freeport, ME. The event also holds a festive lobster bake for all competitors, their supporters, family and friends.

Participants are provided with a safe, carefully-marked course taken care of by cooperative volunteers, goodie bags, great deals on accommodations, custom technical shirts plus free admission to the park where the race is held.

Other perks include chip timing which includes live results during the competition and SMS results right after, massages, post-triathlon food, free beers and the option to purchase tickets for a traditional NE lobster bake on the venue following the competition.

  1. Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon event 2016Escape from Alcatraz

The Escape from Alcatraz triathlon event happens in Northern California and it is held just across the Bay from San Francisco, next to the infamous prison where Al Capone was once locked up. It is composed of a 1500-mile swim starting from Alcatraz Island in the Bay then the competition segues into an 18-mile cycling course to the Great Highway, throughout Golden Gate Park. The race comes to a finish with an 8-mile run across the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and finally closes at the Marina Green.

Registration is limited to 2,000 athletes every year, and they may participate in different divisions such as the Professional/Elite, Age-Group Amateur, Open Relay, Corporate Relay or Challenged Athletes.

The competition starts with a morning dive from the San Francisco Belle into waters adjoining the island of Alcatraz. Competitors are dropped from the boat not more than 8 minutes to commence the 1500-mile swimming segment.

Racers will have to contend with powerful ocean currents and a 55-degree water temperature so each participant must zip on a hood or wetsuit to keep warm throughout the swimming course.

Once racers have finished the swimming segment at the Marina Green Beach, they must continue to a small transition zone where they have the choice to dry off for a while or put on their running gear for the half-mile preparation run to the Marina Green.

The running segment will take racers through St. Francis Yacht Club, the south on the Little Marina Green, the east on Marina Boulevard down to the chief transition area located at the Marina Green.

The cycling segment commences at the Marina Green. Competitors will find themselves beginning the 18-mile cycling course zooming past Crissy Field by way of Marina Boulevard. They will ascend to Lincoln Boulevard, climb uphill to the Palace of the Legion of Honor, come down once more then make sharp right turns, ride west and south until they reach the Golden Gate Park.

The ride continues to John F, Kennedy Drive down to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, zoom past Transverse Drive then make left turns unto John F. Kennedy Drive, ride back to the Great Highway through the park’s north side and go back over the course back to Marina Green for the running course.

The 8-mile running stretch will take racers to Crissy Field, Fort Point, the Coast Trail down to the Coastal Defense Batteries. Once they reached the Coastal Defense Batteries they will correspond on the track beneath the Coastal Bluffs to Baker Beach where they will come back to the shoreline down below.

Soon after, triathletes will face the ultra-challenging 400-step strong Equinox Sand Ladder. Once they reach the top, athletes will run left on the Coast Trail and return to the finish line by way of Lincoln Boulevard.

Remember that majority of these races have rolling rates, which means the cost of a registration gets higher as the event moves closer to its assigned date. If you want to get hold of the best deal, you must sign up the minute you have decided on what race you want to participate in. More information about these races can be found online through their official websites. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other international Amazon websites.