Triathlon Recovery – How to Recover From a Triathlon Event

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Is your body facing severe pain and exhausted when an extended triathlon race or day of training? Let me share with you some ideas for triathlon recovery which will have your body feeling reinvigorated in no time.

When you are on a strict triathlon coaching schedule you do not need to waste an excessive amount of time between coaching sessions therefore it’s necessary to require care of yourself therefore you do not have to be compelled to time an excessive amount of day off after you got to recover.


This seems like a no brainer. You’d really be stunned at what number triathletes do not properly stretch when a race or coaching session. You wish to perform static stretching and avoid bouncing whereas you stretch. The more versatile you’re, the more your variety of motions are going to be. This cannot solely save your muscles, it’ll additionally assist you get an improved time in your triathlon races.


Sports massages are a good approach to keep blood flow to your muscles. Not only is it a pleasant reposeful way to unwind, it helps your body recover quite nicely. Ensure to essentially specialize in your legs and feet. You wish to stay them in tip high condition.

Get some sleep

Make sure to urge a minimum of half-dozen 1/2 hours of sleep nightly to grant your body ample chance to repair muscles and live through your workouts and races. This is often the time wherever most triathlon recovery takes place therefore do not cut it short.

Kick your legs up

Lay down on the couch and elevate your legs whereas looking something on TV. You wish to stay them up for regarding five minutes per hour you discovered. Therefore if you spent four hours coaching or sport you may need to stay your legs elevated for regarding twenty minutes.

Eat better

Avoid foods that place a toll on your system. Keep one’s distance from meat throughout your coaching and sport season. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies and carbohydrates.

Know that you simply knowledge to live through a triathlon race you’ll get out there and train more durable knowing you’ll take excellent care of your body within the method.

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